to design a synthetic motor oil plant.

The scope of work includes: site surveys and plant design, including projects for access and internal roads, security perimeter, GRP, gas supply and power plant.

  • The amount of 17 000 000 euros.
  • Advance payment of 10%.
  • Obligatory bank guarantee from the designer on the amount of the advance payment.
  • Term of execution — 1 year.
  • Procedure — Auction in electronic form.

Plant parameters:

  • Capacity — 0.5 million tons of oil per year.
  • IRR — 7%.
  • Preparation period — 2 years, construction of the plant — another 2 years.
  • Payback period of the project — 9 years.

The site under the plant:

European Union, Hungary, Dunaivaros.

The area for the plant is 22 hectares in the industrial cluster near the port on the Danube River. The site for the construction of the plant has a flat profile, access to the necessary communications and transport infrastructure, as well as meeting the standards for the sanitary protection zone for facilities of this hazard class.

Organizer RS GROUP

The activities of the RS GROUP holding are aimed at creating a modern, environmentally friendly enterprise with high economic efficiency, able to provide long-term supplies of methanol to the domestic market of the Russian Federation and for export.

This competitive selection is conducted in two stages in the following order:

Stage I: Submission of initial Applications.

  • Application for participation is made in any form on the letterhead of the enterprise, certified by seal, signature of an authorized employee and sent to:  
  • The deadline for submitting applications for the first stage is up to 01.03.2022
  • The Organizer of the selection carries out the examination, evaluation and comparison of received applications containing proposals for participation in the competitive selection and, if necessary, conducts technical negotiations, as well as an audit of the Participants in order to clarify their capabilities and the conditions proposed by them for the subject of the competitive selection.
  • Based on the results of the evaluation of the bids, the list of the Participants allowed to participate in Stage II of the selection procedure is determined.

Stage II: Submission of the final Application.

  • The Organizer sends the invitations to participate in Stage II of the selection procedure to the Participants admitted according to the results of the evaluation of the initial Applications.
  • The Participants shall submit the final Bids containing the cost part of their bid.
  • The Organizer reviews, evaluates and compares the received price bids, and, if necessary, has the right to conduct in absentia competitive negotiations with the Participants in order to obtain the final bids.


This competitive selection procedure is not a tender (competition, auction, request for proposals, request for quotations) or a public competition in accordance with Articles 447-449 of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Articles 1057-1061 of Part Two of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and does not impose on the Organizer and the Customer the obligations established by the above articles of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
The Organizer shall have the right to cancel the competitive selection or terminate the competitive selection procedure without concluding a contract.
The Organizer shall have the right to amend the notification on the competitive selection at any time before the deadline for submission of applications for participation in the competitive selection.