The complex is designed using a unique technology to improve the efficiency of the gas industry and has a high degree of environmental safety.

State-of-the-art personnel protection measures and new resource-saving complexes are being formed to ensure occupational safety.

Exclusive technology

One of the world leaders in gas processing and development of new technologies in gas chemistry is engaged as a gas chemistry technology licensor and industrial equipment supplier.

Industrial methanol synthesis uses the principle of gas circulation, which brings it closer to a closed-loop (waste-free) economy.

The spent methanol synthesis catalyst on a ceramic carrier is to be replaced every 5 years.

Scheduled overhaul of the plant is carried out only after 50 years.

Developed countries are gradually abandoning fossil fuels, to be replaced by environmentally friendly energy sources. Such an alternative, along with electricity, is hydrogen. The result of its combustion is steam. Moreover, the most promising method of hydrogen production is electrolysis of water.

This production has no analogues in Russia