RS GROUP Holding begins preparations for the construction of a natural gas processing plant to produce methanol and BIO polymers.

Project Parameters:

  • Capex — $1.3 billion.
  • Capacity — 1.6 mln tons/year of methanol.
  • IRR — 18%.
  • Preparatory period 2 years, plant construction 2 more years.
  • Target production year — 2024.
  • Payback period — 7 — 9 years.
  • Lifecycle of the plant before capital reconstruction is 50 years.

The plant’s products are mainly export-oriented for the inflow of foreign currency revenues to Russia. There are applications from buyers for the planned volume of future products: companies from Japan, India, China and BP (British Petroleum).

The initiators of the Project have many years of experience in the field of gas and petrochemicals, including the construction of a methanol plant in 2014 and the implementation of other major industrial and investment projects.

The customer’s activities are aimed at creating a modern, environmentally safe enterprise with high economic efficiency, able to provide long-term supplies of methanol and BIO polymers to the domestic market of the Russian Federation and for export.